Time and Fate

Last entry, Diary of James Terice (DECEASED)

I’m not quite sure what to make of these guys. It’s been a long damn night of working, followed by a long damn night of drinking.

All of it ended rather abruptly when Synapse was hacked, and that damn video came up on the screen. No kid should have to see something like that. We’re likely leaving, tomorrow, to take down whoever did this. This’ll be my first time fighting this Blitzkrieg guy, and, hopefully, the last, though I hear he’s hard to kill. That’s alright. It’s never stopped me, before. I can’t help but wonder how Nightmare will feel when Rot decides to use him for a chewtoy. Just in case, I’m packing along bullets, and putting in the firing pin. It’ll be nice to use a gun, again, properly; It’s been a little while. Who knows what we’ll come up against? This Bioweapon information puts a new spin on everything. Baseline or Nova, this guy’s got to die, if he’d do something like that, just for personal revenge. Understandable cause, but such an impersonal method. I thought Novas were supposed to be smarter than baselines – I guess only time will tell, on that count.

Update: We’re about to leave for West Virginia, chasing a GPS tag Synapse got on Djinn’s phone. Can’t help but feel like they’re waiting for us. We caught them off-guard once before; I doubt we’ll get that chance, again.




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