Time and Fate

Session 4: 11/4/11 - Christmas in Harlem

a.k.a. Caestus Pax is a douchebag

  • Group invited to a Christmas party at the Blackburn Hotel in Harlem by Synapse, an alleged member of the Teragen. AwesomAndias warns Cortical Stack that he will soon be caught in a bomb explosion. At the party, they meet Narcosis, leader and creator of Pandaimonion, the attractive side of the Teragen. They also meet her protege Artemis, Blinker, and Brigette Caulder, a former NYPD detective obsessively on the trail of a serial killer named Luis Guzman, which has cost her her career, but not her drive.
  • During the party, Artemis suddenly goes missing. Narcosis becomes very concerned when blood is found in the last room she was seen in. Caulder believes she was kidnapped by Guzman. The group agrees to work with her in tracking him and rescuing Artemis.
  • Casatina uses his bloodhound powers to follow the scent trail she has left behind. It leads into a sewer system. They follow the trail and come upon a group of slaughtered sewer maintenance workers. Casatina continues to follow the trail.
  • The group is led to an abandoned apartment complex in Harlem. Searching the building, Cortical Stack and Caulder find Luis Guzman, now the Nova Lash, holding Artemis hostage. When they pursue, the bomb Lash had left goes off. Cortical Stack uses his powers to fling both Caulder and and Artemis through the ground-floor window and away from the blast before it goes off, nearly killing him.
  • Casatina and hardwire end up battling a Swedish Elite called Cool Kid Bill, who suggests that he is only involved because he is under contact. After a brief conflict, Casatina ends up killing him, which also prevents the group from questioning him.
  • Meanwhile, Lash, who was more resistant to the explosion, engages Caulder in battle. She is no match for the Nova, but before he can kill her, she erupts. Her new mental powers knock him unconscious. Casatina kills Lash out of hand and then calls Narcosis requesting medical aid. She sends Blinker, the Teragen’s resident Warper, to bring them all to a place called Heartland. Artemis, Caulder, and Cortical Stack all receive treatment from a Teragen called The Apothecary, and the group meets Leviathan for the first time.
  • Narcosis offers the whole group, including Caulder, membership in the Teragen. Caulder accepts immediately, and Narcosis agrees to provide her with a place to stay at the Blackburn. The players decide not to make their decision until after they meet with Caestus Pax.
  • Days later, they all get a first-class flight to Addis Ababa, the headquarters of Team Tomorrow Central, and the heart of T2M as a whole. The group meets with Caestus Pax, who speaks with them and tells them that they will all be welcome in Project Utopia in one form or another, but that only Aiden is telegenic and attractive enough to be a part of T2M at all. The rest would be assigned to other positions within the Project. Cortical Stack, who had been the most vociferous voice against joining “a terrorist group” likethe Teragen, sufddenly pulls a complete 180 when he decided he does not like what Pax has to say. They all leave and promptly request to join the Teragen.



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