Time and Fate

Session 5: 11/18/11 - Double Homicide

  • A new Nova joins the group, calling himself Mindfuck. He is a sniper that used to work for the Medellin Cartel until he erupted a few months ago. AwesomAndias reached out to him and offered him aid in the form of the group. After a melodramatic conversation, the group decides to accept him.
  • Casatina is contacted by Fauna, the leader of Greenwar. She asks for his help because two of their members on assignment in New York have been found slain. She tells him they were sent to find a geologist named Dr. Elizabeth Conway, who was being bribed into lying about the status of a mining company, and to scare her into choosing honesty when giving her deposition. They were discovered mutilated in a decommissioned subway car.
  • The Group investigates, discovering that it appears that subway car warped around them and ripped them apart. They discover clues and traced Dr. Conway’s movements to Sotheby’s in Manhattan. After speaking to the curator, which does not go well, Mindfuck telepathically tracks her location. Meanwhile, Cortical Stack and hardwire investigate Conway’s apartment, but run afoul of Djinn and Blitzkrieg, the latter of whom the group had thought dead. They flee immediately, with Djinn’s constructs hot in pursuit. Cortical Stack’s TK ends up vanquishing them.



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