Time and Fate

Session 6: 12/10/11 - Wyldthing

  • The group, who have found Conway (now the Nova Wyldthing) witht he mental powers of Mindfuck, track her down and intercept her. The confrontation is short but spectacular, and ultimately resulting in Conway being captured. Casatina interrogates her. The rest of the group deal with the fallout of the battle, which is aided by the arrival of Slider, who helps them remove the destructive materials generated by the battle.
  • Slider has a serious talk with Cortical Stack, who is angry with all of Project Utopia. Slider helps him understand that not all the novas of T2M see things the way Pax does. When they return to Casatina, they find he has been interrogating her, and has been “acting creepy,” in the words of Meltdown.
  • During this talk, Cortical Stack lets slip to Slider that they have joined the Teragen, which puts a damper on their requests to her to be there when T2M interrogates Conway about her criminal activities. Slider takes custody of Wyldthing and Warps away, seeming perturbed by all this new information, and Casatina’s inhumane attitudes.
  • Meltdown receives a call from his parents, who wish to know when he is joining T2M. He tells them that he has joined the Teragen, which doesn’t go over well. The conversation ends poorly.
  • The group also investigates a safety deposit box key they found off of Conway, which leads to a box full of flashdrives. Once the information is decrypted by Synapse, it reveals the financial information of five major international corporations. There are also plans for a deadly biocehemical weapon.
  • Mindfuck tracks down the CEO of the company located in Manhattan and gets into his head telepathically. A conversation reveals that these five companies were responsible for Blitzkrieg’s financial ruin five years ago, and apparently his subsequent eruption. Mindfuck makes the connection that all of Blitzkrieg’s actions have been a revenge plot to destroy these owners and CEOs.
  • When the group return to the Blackburn Hotel to recuperate from their activities and let off some steam, they receive a video clip via email, showing a mocking, morbid display of Meltdown’s parents being murdered and eaten by the cannibal Rot. The group immediately mobilizes and decides to track down Rot, Blitzkrieg, etc., with a recovered phone number from Conway’s phone, leading to Djinn. They end up traveling to the coast of West Virginia.



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