Time and Fate

Session 7: 12/17/11 - Alliance, Tragedy, Vengeance, and Compromise

  • The group arrives at a mining office converted into a bunker. Inside they meet a nova they’venever seen before who calls himself Continuum. He says he’s searching for biochemical weapons that need to be removed. The group says they can help him, and they all agree to a temporary alliance. Searching the building for the GPS signal leads to a room rigged to blow up whoever opens the door. The bomb goes off and Mindfuck barely survives his rash action.
  • Once Mindfuck is partially healed, the group begins exploring the nearby coal mine, which Mindfuck confirms contains Rot. Inside the mine are many paramilitary neo-nazi Mitoids that the group has to fight its way through.
  • Getting through the mine’s many soldiers and traps, they find a natural cavern system connecting, which leads to an open cavern being turned into a base of operations by Mitoids. The group pursues a direct form of combat. The result ends up getting both Cortical Stack and Mindfuck killed in the process. Casatina seems especially affected.
  • The group finds in the structures already build a security system containing all of the information on the ficve corporations and the formula for the compond. They destroy it. Another room shows the lab where the compound is being designed, along with its casing. They destroy these, as well. Meanwhile, they receive information from Leviathan and his team that five completed warheads have been found, and then his transmission cuts as he indicates others ahave arrived on scene by the shoreline where he is.
  • Further down the cavern, the rest of the group finds Blitzkrieg, Rot, and Djinn talking with someone calling himself Surtr, who claims to be an agent of Mr. Zukhov, one of the heads of the C-Z Megasyndicate. They are all standing by an underground reservoir of fresh water. Casatina tries negotiations, while Meltdown conceals himself in shadows for once.
  • Casatina tries to convince Blitzkrieg to give up Rot. Rot doesn’t give Blitzkrieg the chance to see him out, and causes a chain reaction that awakens a Cthulhy-like creature from the water. Blitzkrieg panics and agrees to a temporary truce in order to help combat the monster. Meltdown maxes out his fiery powers and incinerates Rot.
  • Blitzkrieg strikes out at Cthulhu, then flees. The rest of the group, including Surtr, eventually strike the creature down. Djinn manages to flee at the last moment. Continuum agrees to help them with their situation further as long as he gets to take and destroy the warheads.
  • The group arrives at the shoreline to find Leviathan and his Teragen group in the midst of battle with T2M America and T2M Auxiliary. Casatina and Meltdown only barely manage to halt the fight while Continuum secures the warheads and teleports away. A tense discussion results in Ricardo Montoya-Bernal deciding to let the Teragen walk away this once, now that neither side is getting ahold of the warheads. Each side Warps away.

Fade to black…



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