Andrew Sturgis - AwesomAndias

the famous nova illusionist who also possesses the power to see into the future


Known Powers: AwesomAndias makes no secret of the fact that he has the power to generate fantastically realistic illusions that affect both auditory and visual senses. What is less commonly known is that he also possesses the power to see the future and the past, which is often expressed through the images and sounds he generates. He is also superhumanly personable, persuasive, and cunning, always seeming to take charge of conversations and achieve the things he wants without generating any hostilities or resentment.

Known Skills: AwesomAndias is an exceptional prestidigitator, with or without his powers. Even before his eruption, he was an exceptional stage performer. He is also well-trained in the arts of conversation and diplomacy, always knowing the right thing to say.

Known Weapons: It is unknown if AwesomAndias uses any kind of weapons, or whether he even knows how to.


AwesomAndias has been a professional stage performer his entire life, standing alongside the likes of David Copperfield and Chris Angel when he was still a baseline. His eruption catapulted him to the very top of the charts, catapulting him to superstardom and making him the hottest celebrity illusionist in the civilized world. He has shown a strong philanthropic streak, in an off-hand sort of fashion, often sponsoring many promising artisans and musicians. Recently he has begun to act as a patron to certain newly-erupted novas.

Andrew Sturgis - AwesomAndias

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