Cavin Galkin - Surtr

an average-looking Russian nova with tremendous powers over fire and molten rock.


Known Powers: Surtr has shown that he can increase both his size and his body density into a fiery, rocklike creature that generates enormous heat and possessing of superhuman strength and durability. He has also shown a bizarre ability to travel through solid rock as if it were water. Whether he has any mastery over rock or fire beyond this is unknown. He also seems to have a powerful presence about him that demands attention.

Known Skills: Surtr has shown to be exceptionally well-trained in hand-to-hand combat, and he also seems to have at least a moderate grasp of the art of negotiation.

Known Weapons: The only weapons Surtr has been seen using are the powers at his disposal.


Known History: Surtr is a powerful, high-ranking enforcer in the Camparelli-Zukhov Megasyndicate, supposedly answering only to Mr. Zukhov himself. His personal history is unclear to those outside his inner circle. He seems to have a current agenda involving Casatina. What he wants of him remains to be seen.

Cavin Galkin - Surtr

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