A relavtive unknown with powers over time and space


Known Powers: Continuum has demonstrated the power to affect localized fluctuations of the flow of time, as well as some small mastery over spatial physics, including the power to teleport. Beyond this, he has shown an exceptional ability to absorb physical punishment and to deal out blows of titanic strength.

Known Skills: Continuum has demonstrated an exceptional skill in a variety of martial skills, though his particular style seems to suggest an aggressive street-brawling technique with a flair for the dramatic.

Known Weapons: The only weapon Continuum has been seen using is a large revolver he carries with him, though it seems to be used more for distraction and feints in combat rather than the method of victory.


Known History: Nothing is known of Continuum beyond what has recently been seen. He dresses in a functional miliatry-style outfit of Eufiber, and has claimed to be an independent agent. The only agenda he has demonstrated is in destroying and/or acquiring the biochemical weapons that Blitzkrieg had. Once he achieved this goal, he made a hasty exit via teleportation.


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