Dr. Elizabeth Conway - Wyldthing

A geologist of questionable morals who wields the power to alter, mimic and create matter of all types.


Known Powers: Wyldthing has shown the power to create matter, to alter and warp it to her whim, and to mimic any type of matter she comes into physical contact with. She has also shown that she has the power of flight. She also appears to have a quantum-enhanced attractiveness.

Known Skills: All that is known of Wyldthing’s mundane training is that she is a noted geologist. Little beyond that is known.

Known Weapons: Wyldthing has not been seen to use any traditional weapons, preferring instead to have the material world around her act as her weapon.


Known History: Wyldthing’s history is not well-researched as of yet. What is known is that she either has or had some sort of business/pleasure relationship with Blitzkrieg, and that she considered him to be some sort of employer of hierarchical superior. She was last seen being taken into custody by Slider under her authority as a member of T2M.

Dr. Elizabeth Conway - Wyldthing

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