Harold Krieger - Blitzkrieg


Known Skills: Blitzkrieg has demonstrated knowledge of personal combat, including unarmed, melee, and firearm training. He is also highly athletic. His past actions suggest that he possesses a great deal of computer and financial knowledge.

Known Powers: Hypermovement (running), Air blast (quantun bolt? elemental mastery?), possible psychic shield, as-yet-undetermined way of surviving annihilating physical assault after apparent death.

Known Weapons: Seen carrying various blades and firearms


Known Background Information: German-born, retains a moderate accent, used to own a trading company that has apparently collapsed. Currently seeking revenge on the company owners and CEOs that he feels betrayed him and cost him his success. Has access to a great deal of their financial information, along with details on how to design a deadly biochemical weapon, the origin and purpose of which are both unknown.

Harold Krieger - Blitzkrieg

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