Jesus Delgado - Nightmare

Documented pedophile and murderer with powers to invade people's minds and dreams


Known Skills: His background is social work suggests that he has exceptional human interrogation and observational skills, as well as training in psychology and sociology. Other skills are unknown.

Known Powers: Nightmare has shown the power to remain hidden or invisible around others, even in times of stress and violence. He has a pwoerful ability to invade the minds and dreams of others, seemingly able to inflict exceptional mental trauma upon his victims. The results of these efforts have shown developing sociopathy and homicidal tendencies, a change in one’s Nature, and occasionally even Eruption. It is unclear if he can inflict physical damage.

Known Weapons: Nightmare has never been seen using weapons of any kind, as he prefers to do battle using his mental powers. However, Nightmare has rarely ever been seen by the waking world, as he also prefers to remain invisible.


Known Background Information: Before his eruption, Jesus Delgado was a social worker in Dallas working for Child Protective Services. Constant exposure to damaged and vulnerable children awakened his latent desires, eventually culminating in the crimes for which he was arrested. Before too long he was a convicted pedophile and murderer sitting on death row. It wasn’t until the night before his execution that he erupted— purportedly during a particularly intense dream. No one ever got the chance to ask him about it, because he almost immediately took over the mind of a sleeping guard and freed himself. Since then, he has somehow established himself amongst the ranks of Blitzkrieg’s band of criminals. Recently he has discovered a method of causing others to erupt, by invading their dreams and exposing them to excessive mental trauma. Whether this is always successful is unknown.

Jesus Delgado - Nightmare

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