Karen Devonshire - Djinn

debutante with the power travel instantly and to to conjure creatures from nothingness


Known Skills: Djinn appears to be in good physical shape, though she has demonstrated no particular combat prowess, nor has she exhibited any great knowledge of hard sciences or specialized training, though she seems to be infallibly accurate in the ability to determine people’s honesty. It is uncertain whether this is an actual quantum power or merely exceptional human observation skills.

Known Powers: Djinn has demonstrated superior instant travel capabilities, notably the power to teleport great distances, both personally and bringing along another. She has also shown the ability to create Warps at will. In combat she has shown remarkable resistance to damage courtesy of a powerful personal force field that she can maintain. She has also shown a consistent ability to conjure up creatures of myth and legend on a whim. Whether these things are truly supernatural or merely constructs made of quantum is unclear. Other powers she may possess have yet to be documented.

Known Weapons Used: To date, Djinn has shown no direct combat aggression, and never seems to be armed. Whether she possesses any offensive quantum powers is currently unknown.


Known Background Information: Little is currently known about Djinn, save that she has demonstrated loyalty to Blitzkrieg and his goals, and thus far seems to be quite the team player, making efforts to teleport his allies to safety in situations of extreme danger. There is as of yet no explanation for her loyalties.

Karen Devonshire - Djinn

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