Known Skills: Rot has shown himself to be a more-than-capable combatant. He has shown himself to prefer fighting hand-to-hand, though seems perfectly willing and capable of using various makeshift items like cars and lampposts as clubs and projectiles. It is unknown what other skills he possesses.

Known Powers: Rot can create a thick, semi-solid area of pitch darkness that makes it hard to move about. he has also shown exceptinal mastery over entropic forces, ripping apart and decomposing people’s bodies in rapid fashion over wide areas.

Known Weapons: While he carries no external weapons with any frequency, Rot uses makeshift items with ease. He also has a mouth full of deadly shark’s teeth that he is happy to bite others with.


Known Background Information: Nothing is known of Rot’s past, not even his birth name. he appears to be bald, with solid orange eyes and a mouth full of deadly sharks’ teeth. He is often seen in a pea-coat, occasionally with sunglasses hiding his eyes. What is known about him is that he is a cannibal, seen eating others with great abandon in the midst of the carnage of battle, or on his own time.


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