Time and Fate

Last entry, Diary of James Terice (DECEASED)

I’m not quite sure what to make of these guys. It’s been a long damn night of working, followed by a long damn night of drinking.

All of it ended rather abruptly when Synapse was hacked, and that damn video came up on the screen. No kid should have to see something like that. We’re likely leaving, tomorrow, to take down whoever did this. This’ll be my first time fighting this Blitzkrieg guy, and, hopefully, the last, though I hear he’s hard to kill. That’s alright. It’s never stopped me, before. I can’t help but wonder how Nightmare will feel when Rot decides to use him for a chewtoy. Just in case, I’m packing along bullets, and putting in the firing pin. It’ll be nice to use a gun, again, properly; It’s been a little while. Who knows what we’ll come up against? This Bioweapon information puts a new spin on everything. Baseline or Nova, this guy’s got to die, if he’d do something like that, just for personal revenge. Understandable cause, but such an impersonal method. I thought Novas were supposed to be smarter than baselines – I guess only time will tell, on that count.

Update: We’re about to leave for West Virginia, chasing a GPS tag Synapse got on Djinn’s phone. Can’t help but feel like they’re waiting for us. We caught them off-guard once before; I doubt we’ll get that chance, again.


Session 7: 12/17/11 - Alliance, Tragedy, Vengeance, and Compromise
  • The group arrives at a mining office converted into a bunker. Inside they meet a nova they’venever seen before who calls himself Continuum. He says he’s searching for biochemical weapons that need to be removed. The group says they can help him, and they all agree to a temporary alliance. Searching the building for the GPS signal leads to a room rigged to blow up whoever opens the door. The bomb goes off and Mindfuck barely survives his rash action.
  • Once Mindfuck is partially healed, the group begins exploring the nearby coal mine, which Mindfuck confirms contains Rot. Inside the mine are many paramilitary neo-nazi Mitoids that the group has to fight its way through.
  • Getting through the mine’s many soldiers and traps, they find a natural cavern system connecting, which leads to an open cavern being turned into a base of operations by Mitoids. The group pursues a direct form of combat. The result ends up getting both Cortical Stack and Mindfuck killed in the process. Casatina seems especially affected.
  • The group finds in the structures already build a security system containing all of the information on the ficve corporations and the formula for the compond. They destroy it. Another room shows the lab where the compound is being designed, along with its casing. They destroy these, as well. Meanwhile, they receive information from Leviathan and his team that five completed warheads have been found, and then his transmission cuts as he indicates others ahave arrived on scene by the shoreline where he is.
  • Further down the cavern, the rest of the group finds Blitzkrieg, Rot, and Djinn talking with someone calling himself Surtr, who claims to be an agent of Mr. Zukhov, one of the heads of the C-Z Megasyndicate. They are all standing by an underground reservoir of fresh water. Casatina tries negotiations, while Meltdown conceals himself in shadows for once.
  • Casatina tries to convince Blitzkrieg to give up Rot. Rot doesn’t give Blitzkrieg the chance to see him out, and causes a chain reaction that awakens a Cthulhy-like creature from the water. Blitzkrieg panics and agrees to a temporary truce in order to help combat the monster. Meltdown maxes out his fiery powers and incinerates Rot.
  • Blitzkrieg strikes out at Cthulhu, then flees. The rest of the group, including Surtr, eventually strike the creature down. Djinn manages to flee at the last moment. Continuum agrees to help them with their situation further as long as he gets to take and destroy the warheads.
  • The group arrives at the shoreline to find Leviathan and his Teragen group in the midst of battle with T2M America and T2M Auxiliary. Casatina and Meltdown only barely manage to halt the fight while Continuum secures the warheads and teleports away. A tense discussion results in Ricardo Montoya-Bernal deciding to let the Teragen walk away this once, now that neither side is getting ahold of the warheads. Each side Warps away.

Fade to black…

Session 6: 12/10/11 - Wyldthing
  • The group, who have found Conway (now the Nova Wyldthing) witht he mental powers of Mindfuck, track her down and intercept her. The confrontation is short but spectacular, and ultimately resulting in Conway being captured. Casatina interrogates her. The rest of the group deal with the fallout of the battle, which is aided by the arrival of Slider, who helps them remove the destructive materials generated by the battle.
  • Slider has a serious talk with Cortical Stack, who is angry with all of Project Utopia. Slider helps him understand that not all the novas of T2M see things the way Pax does. When they return to Casatina, they find he has been interrogating her, and has been “acting creepy,” in the words of Meltdown.
  • During this talk, Cortical Stack lets slip to Slider that they have joined the Teragen, which puts a damper on their requests to her to be there when T2M interrogates Conway about her criminal activities. Slider takes custody of Wyldthing and Warps away, seeming perturbed by all this new information, and Casatina’s inhumane attitudes.
  • Meltdown receives a call from his parents, who wish to know when he is joining T2M. He tells them that he has joined the Teragen, which doesn’t go over well. The conversation ends poorly.
  • The group also investigates a safety deposit box key they found off of Conway, which leads to a box full of flashdrives. Once the information is decrypted by Synapse, it reveals the financial information of five major international corporations. There are also plans for a deadly biocehemical weapon.
  • Mindfuck tracks down the CEO of the company located in Manhattan and gets into his head telepathically. A conversation reveals that these five companies were responsible for Blitzkrieg’s financial ruin five years ago, and apparently his subsequent eruption. Mindfuck makes the connection that all of Blitzkrieg’s actions have been a revenge plot to destroy these owners and CEOs.
  • When the group return to the Blackburn Hotel to recuperate from their activities and let off some steam, they receive a video clip via email, showing a mocking, morbid display of Meltdown’s parents being murdered and eaten by the cannibal Rot. The group immediately mobilizes and decides to track down Rot, Blitzkrieg, etc., with a recovered phone number from Conway’s phone, leading to Djinn. They end up traveling to the coast of West Virginia.
Session 5: 11/18/11 - Double Homicide
  • A new Nova joins the group, calling himself Mindfuck. He is a sniper that used to work for the Medellin Cartel until he erupted a few months ago. AwesomAndias reached out to him and offered him aid in the form of the group. After a melodramatic conversation, the group decides to accept him.
  • Casatina is contacted by Fauna, the leader of Greenwar. She asks for his help because two of their members on assignment in New York have been found slain. She tells him they were sent to find a geologist named Dr. Elizabeth Conway, who was being bribed into lying about the status of a mining company, and to scare her into choosing honesty when giving her deposition. They were discovered mutilated in a decommissioned subway car.
  • The Group investigates, discovering that it appears that subway car warped around them and ripped them apart. They discover clues and traced Dr. Conway’s movements to Sotheby’s in Manhattan. After speaking to the curator, which does not go well, Mindfuck telepathically tracks her location. Meanwhile, Cortical Stack and hardwire investigate Conway’s apartment, but run afoul of Djinn and Blitzkrieg, the latter of whom the group had thought dead. They flee immediately, with Djinn’s constructs hot in pursuit. Cortical Stack’s TK ends up vanquishing them.
Session 4: 11/4/11 - Christmas in Harlem
a.k.a. Caestus Pax is a douchebag
  • Group invited to a Christmas party at the Blackburn Hotel in Harlem by Synapse, an alleged member of the Teragen. AwesomAndias warns Cortical Stack that he will soon be caught in a bomb explosion. At the party, they meet Narcosis, leader and creator of Pandaimonion, the attractive side of the Teragen. They also meet her protege Artemis, Blinker, and Brigette Caulder, a former NYPD detective obsessively on the trail of a serial killer named Luis Guzman, which has cost her her career, but not her drive.
  • During the party, Artemis suddenly goes missing. Narcosis becomes very concerned when blood is found in the last room she was seen in. Caulder believes she was kidnapped by Guzman. The group agrees to work with her in tracking him and rescuing Artemis.
  • Casatina uses his bloodhound powers to follow the scent trail she has left behind. It leads into a sewer system. They follow the trail and come upon a group of slaughtered sewer maintenance workers. Casatina continues to follow the trail.
  • The group is led to an abandoned apartment complex in Harlem. Searching the building, Cortical Stack and Caulder find Luis Guzman, now the Nova Lash, holding Artemis hostage. When they pursue, the bomb Lash had left goes off. Cortical Stack uses his powers to fling both Caulder and and Artemis through the ground-floor window and away from the blast before it goes off, nearly killing him.
  • Casatina and hardwire end up battling a Swedish Elite called Cool Kid Bill, who suggests that he is only involved because he is under contact. After a brief conflict, Casatina ends up killing him, which also prevents the group from questioning him.
  • Meanwhile, Lash, who was more resistant to the explosion, engages Caulder in battle. She is no match for the Nova, but before he can kill her, she erupts. Her new mental powers knock him unconscious. Casatina kills Lash out of hand and then calls Narcosis requesting medical aid. She sends Blinker, the Teragen’s resident Warper, to bring them all to a place called Heartland. Artemis, Caulder, and Cortical Stack all receive treatment from a Teragen called The Apothecary, and the group meets Leviathan for the first time.
  • Narcosis offers the whole group, including Caulder, membership in the Teragen. Caulder accepts immediately, and Narcosis agrees to provide her with a place to stay at the Blackburn. The players decide not to make their decision until after they meet with Caestus Pax.
  • Days later, they all get a first-class flight to Addis Ababa, the headquarters of Team Tomorrow Central, and the heart of T2M as a whole. The group meets with Caestus Pax, who speaks with them and tells them that they will all be welcome in Project Utopia in one form or another, but that only Aiden is telegenic and attractive enough to be a part of T2M at all. The rest would be assigned to other positions within the Project. Cortical Stack, who had been the most vociferous voice against joining “a terrorist group” likethe Teragen, sufddenly pulls a complete 180 when he decided he does not like what Pax has to say. They all leave and promptly request to join the Teragen.
Session 3: 10/21/11 - Leake & Watts
The Madness of Children
  • The characters meet with representatives from various different agencies looking to hire the new novas. Some make offers to the entire group, others to individuals.
  • AwesomAndias calls Cortical Stack and warns him that there is a massacre happening at an orphanage in the Bronx, and that the police will be slaughtered unless the characters intervene.
  • The characters investigate the orphanage and find the staff have all been murdered, and it appears that the culprits are the orphans themselves. Further inspection reveals a nova calling himself Nightmare, a known pedophile who is responsible for Meltdown’s eruption, along with the eruption of Flannery at Sing Sing and the subsequent riot. He has caused a teenaged girl to erupt, calling her Scream. He also appears to have made all of the orphans homicidal, regardless of age.
  • There is a mental battle, at the end of which Casatina believes he has killed Nightmare and knocked Scream unconscious. He also discovers that he may have killed an orphan, but is unsure if it was in his head or not, and doesn’t stay around to find out.
  • At that time, the bald man with orange eyes and shark’s teeth arrives on the scene, demanding the return of both Nightmare and Scream. he identifies himself as Rot, and threatens to slaughter one of the police officers arrived on the scene every minute until Nightmare and Scream are released to him.
  • Another battle ensues, this one with reinforcements from both sides. Rot calls in Djinn, and the characters call in T2M America, who arrive in force. The ensuing carnage revels Rot’s penchant for cannibalism, as well as terrifying powers over darkness and entropy. Before the fight ends, Scream is killed by Casatina, and both Rot and Djinn escape. The resulting battle causes massive catastrophic colateral damage to surrounding buildings.
Session 2, part 2: 10/7/11 - Enter Blitzkrieg
  • Anthony Saunders is offered a huge promotion within Chase’s fraud department as the corporate fraud department’s Operations Manager. Later he finds his system has been hacked, his access codes changed, and a large number of corporate accounts drained.
  • Investigating and tracking the hacker leads him to a Queens address. he gathers the rest of his nova friends, and calls Matthew back from Spain, where he leaves the nova party with great reservations.
  • The group is outside an upscale condominium complex registered to a Karen Devonshire. Anthony tries to learn more about the names attached to the condo, and finds the name Harold Krieger. trying to research that name gets Krieger’s attention. His system is hacked again, and within seconds there is the sound of a sonic boom as Matthew finds himself hit in the face and on the ground, unconscious and nearly dead.

*Blitzkrieg and Djinn have made their appearance, and parley ensues. When that goes south, battle commences. Blitzkrieg whittles away at Casatina, who in turn throws a car at him, believing him and Djinn slain.

Session 2, part 1: 10/7/11 - Sing Sing
  • The characters learn that Andre Corbin has been kicked out of T2M, and that T2M will not be coming by to spar with them on their last day at the Rashoud Facility.
  • Players learn of a riot and attempted breakout at Sing Sing Maximum Security Prison, supposedly started by a newly-erupted nova prisoner, and pushed out by a large number of Mitoids. The players go to deal with it. Upon arrival, they meet a Teragen interested in acquiring the new Nova, calling herself Vertigo. They agree to work together to quell the riot and capture the nova.
  • Dealing with the riot and the nova, Vertigo takes the nova with her through a teragen-provided Warp, and Matthew Lynch decides to go with her so he might get into her pants. The other characters head back to the Rashoud Facility.
Session 1: 9/23/11 - Eruption

Characters are introduced to the game and to each other.

• The characters are all in attendance at the front row of a stage illusionist called AwesomAndias, and are afterwards invited to the after-party, where they meet him in person, along with Andre Corbin, Slider, and Skew.

• Anywhere from five minutes to 3 hours after the party, each character goes through their eruption and becomes a Nova.

• The characters are each brought to the Manhattan Rashoud Facility, where they are offered drugs to stymie their headaches and manage their new powers, and are offered training in how to use them for the long-term.

• They characters learn that AwesomAndias knew they were all destined to erupt, and that they needed to be brought together so that they could work to stop a series of troubles in the future that he had predicted with his revealed power to see the future.

• Near the end of their two months of training, the characters hear of a disaster in the city involving a collapsed sewer entrance right by a gas pipe. After intervening and rescuing all involved, on their way home some of the players get their first glimpse of who they think might be the culprit, a bald man in a pea-coat with orange eyes and shark’s teeth.


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