Time and Fate

Session 1: 9/23/11 - Eruption

Characters are introduced to the game and to each other.

• The characters are all in attendance at the front row of a stage illusionist called AwesomAndias, and are afterwards invited to the after-party, where they meet him in person, along with Andre Corbin, Slider, and Skew.

• Anywhere from five minutes to 3 hours after the party, each character goes through their eruption and becomes a Nova.

• The characters are each brought to the Manhattan Rashoud Facility, where they are offered drugs to stymie their headaches and manage their new powers, and are offered training in how to use them for the long-term.

• They characters learn that AwesomAndias knew they were all destined to erupt, and that they needed to be brought together so that they could work to stop a series of troubles in the future that he had predicted with his revealed power to see the future.

• Near the end of their two months of training, the characters hear of a disaster in the city involving a collapsed sewer entrance right by a gas pipe. After intervening and rescuing all involved, on their way home some of the players get their first glimpse of who they think might be the culprit, a bald man in a pea-coat with orange eyes and shark’s teeth.



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