Time and Fate

Session 2, part 1: 10/7/11 - Sing Sing

  • The characters learn that Andre Corbin has been kicked out of T2M, and that T2M will not be coming by to spar with them on their last day at the Rashoud Facility.
  • Players learn of a riot and attempted breakout at Sing Sing Maximum Security Prison, supposedly started by a newly-erupted nova prisoner, and pushed out by a large number of Mitoids. The players go to deal with it. Upon arrival, they meet a Teragen interested in acquiring the new Nova, calling herself Vertigo. They agree to work together to quell the riot and capture the nova.
  • Dealing with the riot and the nova, Vertigo takes the nova with her through a teragen-provided Warp, and Matthew Lynch decides to go with her so he might get into her pants. The other characters head back to the Rashoud Facility.



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