Time and Fate

Session 2, part 2: 10/7/11 - Enter Blitzkrieg

  • Anthony Saunders is offered a huge promotion within Chase’s fraud department as the corporate fraud department’s Operations Manager. Later he finds his system has been hacked, his access codes changed, and a large number of corporate accounts drained.
  • Investigating and tracking the hacker leads him to a Queens address. he gathers the rest of his nova friends, and calls Matthew back from Spain, where he leaves the nova party with great reservations.
  • The group is outside an upscale condominium complex registered to a Karen Devonshire. Anthony tries to learn more about the names attached to the condo, and finds the name Harold Krieger. trying to research that name gets Krieger’s attention. His system is hacked again, and within seconds there is the sound of a sonic boom as Matthew finds himself hit in the face and on the ground, unconscious and nearly dead.

*Blitzkrieg and Djinn have made their appearance, and parley ensues. When that goes south, battle commences. Blitzkrieg whittles away at Casatina, who in turn throws a car at him, believing him and Djinn slain.



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