Time and Fate

Session 3: 10/21/11 - Leake & Watts

The Madness of Children

  • The characters meet with representatives from various different agencies looking to hire the new novas. Some make offers to the entire group, others to individuals.
  • AwesomAndias calls Cortical Stack and warns him that there is a massacre happening at an orphanage in the Bronx, and that the police will be slaughtered unless the characters intervene.
  • The characters investigate the orphanage and find the staff have all been murdered, and it appears that the culprits are the orphans themselves. Further inspection reveals a nova calling himself Nightmare, a known pedophile who is responsible for Meltdown’s eruption, along with the eruption of Flannery at Sing Sing and the subsequent riot. He has caused a teenaged girl to erupt, calling her Scream. He also appears to have made all of the orphans homicidal, regardless of age.
  • There is a mental battle, at the end of which Casatina believes he has killed Nightmare and knocked Scream unconscious. He also discovers that he may have killed an orphan, but is unsure if it was in his head or not, and doesn’t stay around to find out.
  • At that time, the bald man with orange eyes and shark’s teeth arrives on the scene, demanding the return of both Nightmare and Scream. he identifies himself as Rot, and threatens to slaughter one of the police officers arrived on the scene every minute until Nightmare and Scream are released to him.
  • Another battle ensues, this one with reinforcements from both sides. Rot calls in Djinn, and the characters call in T2M America, who arrive in force. The ensuing carnage revels Rot’s penchant for cannibalism, as well as terrifying powers over darkness and entropy. Before the fight ends, Scream is killed by Casatina, and both Rot and Djinn escape. The resulting battle causes massive catastrophic colateral damage to surrounding buildings.



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